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            Marketing services

            Aijiedun service network from domestic to foreign all over the world more than 60 countries, and for each customer to establish the use of the file, so that the traditional door-to-door service and online services, complementary advantages, intimate, efficient, more "valve quality thousands of miles" and other gold medal services, won customers widely praised.

            We provide free market analysis and marketing planning consultation, free product design and packaging, free logistics and transportation. One-stop service, one-stop process, to provide you with technical support, production support, let you more comfortable, business more relaxed.

            24-hour Service Hotline:+86-576-8073 9221


            Adhering to the business philosophy of "All for the glory of God, we pursue excellence, create quality, and grow in profit", Aijiedun does a good job in pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services for customers and provides warm service for customers. Our service network reaches every place where our products are sold. As long as customers have any requirements, our service personnel will give customers satisfactory answers within 48 hours.